Some people have reported difficulty with viewing public documents accessed from a website.

The reported problem involves all of the pages of a PDF document not loading properly in a browser. When clicked to open, only the first page is displayed and the message "Loading" appears at the bottom of the page and is eventually replaced by a message "Whoops. Problems loading the document".

The issue specifically effects Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox and the native IPhone browser. 


USE CHROME BROWSER OR ANDROID PHONE. There have been few reports of Google Chrome and Android having these issues.

CLICK ON THE "CLICK ON THE POP UP" BUTTON. Located in the top right corner of the document viewer., it will open the document in a new tab.

DOWNLOAD FILE TO YOUR DESKTOP. Once downloaded, you can open with Adobe PDF Reader.


The issue is a technical issue that Google is currently working on. Check this page for the latest status:

7/25/16 - Google engineers working on solution