SCENERIO #1: Uploading an agenda to two (2) pages on the website and a recurring calendar event already on the Google Calendar


Agendas are typically stored in Google Drive in a folder called "Current Agenda" or something similar and links to that folder are strategically placed on the website. That way, the user can simply drag the current agenda to a specific folder and have it automatically appear on the website and the calendar.


1) Go to or go to and click on the Apps button and select Drive.

2) Navigate to the "Current Agenda" folder you would like to add the agenda and open it.

3) Click on the "New Button" and select "Add File" to navigate to the agenda file you wish to upload or drag it from your desktop into the folder.

SCENERIO #2: Uploading an agenda to two (2) pages on the website and a non-recurring calendar event, not already on the Google Calendar

  1. Go to the page on the website which has a link to open the "Current Agenda"
  2. Right Click over the link and "copy" the link to the clip board
  3. Go to the Google Calendar
  4. Create a calendar event
  5. Click "edit"
  6. Pick the date and time of the event
  7. Select the appropriate "website calendar" from the dropdown list which is located right above "Description"
  8. Right click in the Description Field and paste the link
  9. Click Ok